Thursday, August 21, 2008

The big box is full and the doors are shut! Aurora Trucking will pick up the trailer tomorrow at 8:00 a.m. pulling it into a train yard in Minneapolis. Huge thanks to everyone!

This morning’s crew was Stan Rytel, his assistant Dale, Dick and Joan Kuhn, John Lindstrom, Don Kellen, Carrie VanEpps and Mary and Doug. Thanks also to all of you who called this week and offered to help but couldn’t connect with us because we quit early. Your thoughts and moral support are vital to our success. There will always be a next time and we’ll welcome you anytime.

The next container? Stan was guessing we had enough “stuff” left to fill ¼ to 1/3 of a 40 foot box and that’s similar to the percentage of dollars left in the E-quip Africa checking account. Guess it is time to go begging again!

The next working session? Look for an email invitation to meet in the evening or on a weekend to reorganize and clean up at the garage. It’s a chance to take inventory, gather ideas and add a little structure to the operation. The most often repeated phrase around E-quip Africa is, “Doug, you can’t do it all yourself!” So we will welcome help, suggestions, and plans for making this easier and assuring its continuance. Besides…after sweeping up several pounds of dead Boisea trivittata this morning, it’ll be good to have a fresh start!


Doug Wilkowske

E-quip Africa

P.O. Box 3178


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