Sunday, February 06, 2011

Doug went to Bird Island, Minnesota on Wednesday and a fine trip it was! Even took county roads all the way, seeing a lot of farm fields covered in snow, wind whipped and sculpted snow shining in the bright sunshine.

But the purpose of this travel was to pick up computers and monitors being replaced by laptops--St. Mary's has a benefactor who provided the new portable computing machines. I met Julie and her colleagues and some students--all very welcoming and helpful. The feeling in the school was one of genuine hospitality and inclusion, so very positive! Obviously a great place to teach and learn.

The old Nissan is loaded to the max with their cast-off gear, but it managed to get me home to Willmar with extra squat tires and a few lugs going uphill. A snow plow just north of Bird Island nearly did me in. I was on the phone at the moment and the white-out after passing lasted for what seemed like an eternity. Luckily I was still on the road when I started to see colors other than white.

Thank you St. Mary's of Bird Island! Because you thought of E-quip Africa, more students in Ghana will learn how to use a computer, and Doug will have good memories of a nice Bird Island pick-up!


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